Who We Are

American Patriot is not just a clothing company but something more. It is about sending a message that we will never forget. Never forget those who made a choice. A choice to fight for people they will never know. For those who will never again have a chance to drink a beer, kiss their wife, hear their children playing. Let us not be like those who choose to forget. Let us be the Patriots that refuse to forget all those who gave.
Remembering the ones who supported them as they fought in the streets of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. For the ones who bare the weight of healing or nations warriors. For the wives, husband's, children, mothers, and fathers. We will remember all that gave, not just the warriors on the field of battle, but the families who fight the war that you do not hear about.
As Patriots we must always remember those who gave everything so we can live in peace. As you drink your coffee, take your children to school, and live your daily life. Always remember

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